The Disability Awareness Support Scheme

The Disability Awareness Support Scheme

This scheme provides funding so that employers can provide Disability Awareness Training for employees who work with a colleague who has a disability.

The goal of the training is to deliver clear and accurate information about disability. This training provides an opportunity to learn ask questions about working with people with disabilities.

Grants of 90% of eligible training costs are available to private companies in the first year they apply, and grants of 80% of eligible training costs in the second and subsequent years, up to a maximum of €20,000 in any one calendar year.

Eligible costs include:

  • Fees paid in respect of external disability awareness training programmes or courses;
  • Fees for in-house disability awareness training by external trainers;
  • Fees for open learning/computer/web-based disability awareness training programmes;
  • The cost of learning materials, e.g. manuals, books, DVDs, clearly associated with the relevant training programme, to a maximum of €650.

How to Apply:

Who to contact?

For a list of people to contact in your area about this scheme, please see here