Employee Retention Grant Scheme

Employee Retention Grant Scheme

This scheme assists employers to retain employees who acquire an illness, condition or impairment which impacts on their ability to carry out their job.

Funding can be provided for the following: 

  • Identify accommodation and/or training to enable the employee to remain in his/her current position
  • Re-train the employee so that he/she can take up another position within the company 

Is your company eligible?

The Employee Retention Grant Scheme is open to all companies in the private sector.

The scheme is open to companies where an existing employee, at any level and occupation within the company, acquires an illness, condition or impairment which impacts on his/her current ability to do his/her job.

The scheme is Structured in 2 stages

Stage 1: 

Facilitates employers by enabling them to buy in external specialist skills and knowledge needed to develop an individualised ‘written retention strategy’ for an employee who acquires a disability.

Funding of 90% for eligible programme costs up to a maximum of €2,500 towards the development of a written retention strategy for any one employee.


Stage 2: 

Provides funding to the employer towards the implementation of the written retention strategy, including re-training, job coaching and or hiring an external co-ordinator to oversee and manage its implementation.

Funding of 90% of eligible programme costs is available to companies up to a maximum of €12,500 towards the implementation of a retention strategy for any one employee.


Who do I contact for more information? 

Contact details for the regional contacts can be found here.