Employer Disability Grants

Employer Schemes and Service

For more information and application forms visit individual grant pages. We are always looking to capture feedback from employers who have used these grants and supports, if you are an employer and wish to contact us about this, please do at info@employerdisabilityinfo.ie

Disability Awareness Training Support Scheme (DATSS)

This scheme is for employers to provide training and awareness. Grant assistance of 90% of eligible training to max €20,000 in year 1 and 80% in subsequent years. 

For more information please visit our specific grant page here. 

Wage Subsidy Scheme (WSS)

This scheme offers financial support for employers who employ certain people with disabilities on a full-time basis (21 hours or more a week). Employers who are considering employing a person with a disability, or who are enquiring about other supports for employers of staff with disabilities, should get in touch with their local employment services office for more information.

For more information please visit our WSS page here. 

Employee Retention Grant Scheme (ERGS)

This scheme is to help employers to retain employees who acquire a disability.

Assistance is in two phases:

 1. help with developing a retention strategy – up to 90% of the cost to a maximum of €2,500; and

2.   implementing the retention strategy – up to 90% of the cost to a maximum of €12,500. 

For more information - visit our grant page here 

Workplace Equipment/ Adaptation Grant (WEAG)

Grant assistance is available for employers, employees and self-employed disabled people who need to adapt the workplace or purchase specialised equipment for staff with disabilities.

For more information plesae visit our grant page. 

JobsPlus & JobsPlus Youth

JobsPlus & JobsPlus Youth

These are incentives from the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection to encourage and reward employers who offer employment opportunities to the long-term unemployed (including persons with disabilities who are in receipt of jobseekers benefit, jobseekers allowance or signing for jobseekers credits but NOT disability allowance). Grants of €7,500 and €10,000 are available.