Employee Supports

Employee Supports

Job Interviewer grant

This enables anyone who is deaf, hard of hearing or has a significant speech impairment to have a professional interpreter provide services for them at a job interview.  Applicants may also get this grant to cover the costs of an interpreter during an induction period.  

Partial Capacity Grant  

This is a social welfare scheme which allows employees to return to work or self-employment (if they have reduced capacity to work) and continue to receive a payment from the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection.

Personal Reader Grant (PRG)

This is an employee support, though the employer can apply on behalf of the employee.  It is for employees who have a visual impairment or are blind and need some extra assistance with reading at work.  This grant aid allows you to employ someone on a part-time basis or on a casual basis at times when help is needed (for example, a special project) for a maximum of 640 hours a year to help your employee with reading at work.