A collection of useful toolkits, guides and handbooks for employers interested in recruiting and retaining employees with disabilities.

Please also see Best Practice - International for similar resources from around the world. 

Available for download Toolkit - Including Graduates with disabilities in your workplace. Guide - A guide to disclosure

Arthritis Ireland Guide - Arthritis, back pain & related conditions: A guide for employers

AOTI One page summary - Suggestions for Employers to help protect the mental health of their employees

Commision of Public Service Appointments Code of Practice - For employing persons with disabilities

Epilepsy Ireland - Employer's guide to Epilepsy

EVE Handbook - Employer and Employees, Mental Health can work for you

HSA Guide - Employers guide to implementing inclusive health and safety practices for employees with disabilities.

HSA Guide - Rehabilitation and Return to Work guide: Workplace Health toolkit to assist small businesses

IBEC Guide - Mental Health and Wellbeing , a line manager's guide

IBEC Guide - Workway for integrated workplace

MS Toolkit - Working out MS in the Workplace - a practical toolkit for Employers

NALA Guide - Plain English and the Law . Refer Part Three "The know how" for tips 

NALA Service - 

NDA Guide: Retaining employees who acquire a disability: A guide for employers 

For Purchase WAM handbook for employers Booklet Demysitifying disability in the workplace