The Government have launched a 'Make Work Pay' Report

The Government have launched a 'Make Work Pay' Report

By MS Ireland
Friday, 21st April 2017
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On 6 April, the Government released a report “Make Work Pay”, designed to help people with disabilities and long term illnesses to achieve their ambitions and find work, and to remove the many barriers which prevent them from doing so. 

The report was launched by Leo Varadkar, Minister for Social Protection; Simon Harris, Minister for Health and Finian McGrath, Minister with Special Responsibility for Persons with Disabilities at the Chester Beatty Library, Dublin Castle. The report makes 24 recommendations, several of which will be acted on immediately.

 Make Work Pay 

Key recommendations include the following:

  • People with a long-term disability payment who move off the payment to get a job will retain their Free Travel Pass for a period of five years
  • Significantly raising the earnings level disregard for people in receipt of Disability Allowance or Partial Capacity Benefit when assessing eligibility for a Medical Card
  • Dispensing of the requirement that work must be of a ‘rehabilitative nature’ to qualify for the Medical Card and Disability Allowance earnings disregard 
  • A Fast-Track return to Disability Allowance, Invalidity Pension, the Medical Card and other supports for people where employment does not work out
  • Development of a ‘Ready Reckoner’ to calculate the net benefits and financial implications of working

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