14% increase in employer employing people with disabilities.

14% increase in employer employing people with disabilities.

By Ciara Whooley
Tuesday, 4th December 2018

IMPACT Survey reults 

A follow up survey was recently was conducted by EDI through an internet questionnaire distributed from May till September 2018. The survey was circulated to businesses associated with ISME, Chambers Ireland and Ibec and was promoted through those organisations. It was also promoted to the EDI Employer Peer Network and through social media. We sought to gain insight into employers’ attitudes to employing people with disabilities and to establish whether attitudes are improving.

250 individuals took part in the survey. The primary aim was to assess employers’ attitudes to employing people with disabilities, measure the impact of the EDI project over the last two years of operation and compare results to the previous 2016 survey.

Some key findings were as follows:

  • There has been progress on employers’ awareness of the EDI service (21% increase on 2016 results) and awareness of the supports and grants available (drop of 9% in respondents who are unaware of DEASP supports since 2016).
  • There has also been an increase of 14.2% in employer respondents employing people with disabilities.
  • The principal reason stated for not employing someone with a disability was the lack of candidates stating that there was a disability present (52.6%).
  • Similar to 2016 results, the majority of employers reported being unaware of applicants’ disabilities (28.9%) yet would consider hiring someone with a disability (78.3%).
  • Employers reported that information resources and financial support would encourage them to employ people with disabilities – 47.8% opted for information while 46.7% said financial support.
  • 65.7% of respondents were unsure whether employing someone with a disability would makes their organisation more productive and 49% were undecided whether there are sufficient supports available to them.
  • There is still a lack of understanding about supporting different disabilities at work (60.5%) and how to access such supports (62.7%). Employers are open to employing people with disabilities but did not know how to go about it.
  • When compared by size of enterprise, employment of people with disabilities is greatest in the larger enterprises with a score of 87.9%.
  • The perceived potential legal consequences is still a concern for employers with 47.2% of respondents stating it would be a worry if the employment does not work out.
  • There is a clear need for guidance, information and financial incentives for employers in the area of disability and employment.

You can read the full report and results from 2018 here