10 Habits of Mentally Strong People

10 Habits of Mentally Strong People

By Unicorn and Co Academy
Wednesday, 5th October 2016
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Strategies you can learn to improve your Mental Strength:

  1. Spend 3 minutes in the morning practicing Power Poses to enhance your confidence, ability to win and leadership skills.
  2. Say No Often.  Recent studies showed that the more difficulty you have saying no, the more likely you are to experience stress, burnout and depression. Say “No” at least once day.
  3. Embrace Failure. Mentally tough people know that no one is going to experience true success without a number of big failures. Don’t dwell on your mistakes.
  4. Have a Growth Mindset. The Growth Mindset is based on the belief that intelligence is not fixed and can be developed. Mentally tough people allow themselves to get out of their comfort zone on a daily basis.
  5. Practice Mindfulness. Mindfulness is a way of developing the ability to discipline the mind, take control of that chattering and bring focus to thinking.
  6. Get enough sleep. It is difficult to overstate the importance of a good sleep. When you sleep your brain removes toxic proteins. If you don’t get enough sleep, your toxic proteins remain in your brain cells that will affect the capacity of your brain.
  7. Don't wait for an Apology to forgive. Mentally tough people know that forgiveness is critical to experiencing happiness and joy in life.
  8. Eat plenty of Brain food to boost your brainpower. The brain requires nutrients just like the rest of your body. You just need to know which food keeps brain cells healthy.
  9. Understand the power of moving. Mind and body are connected in a powerful way and mentally strong people know about this connection, that’s why they put a lot of emphasis on keeping their bodies in a good physical health and find plenty of opportunity to move their bodies during their working day.
  10. Always keep a bigger picture in mind. Short-term pain means long-tern gain. Mentally strong people don’t get disappointed easily and just keep going. 

Mental toughness is not an innate quality bestowed upon a select few. It can be achieved and enjoyed.

There are numerous ways you and your organisation can honour Mental Health Awareness day:

  • Run Nutrition workshops or webinars about Brain Food and the impact of Nutrition on daily performance;
  • Get everyone moving with Office Stretches and Walking meetings;
  • Introduce Recovery Time during working day by offering your staff massages and chill out areas;
  • Run a Mindfulness Taster session for your staff;
  • Organise a workshop or a webinar on how to Build Resilience or Develop Mental Strength;
  • Be adventurous and introduce your staff to the Science of Happiness at Work that is based on positive psychology.

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