McGrattan and Kenny

Mc Grattan & Kenny Ltd, provide building services within industrial and commercial establishments nationwide. The company have specialist engineers and contractors in areas such as; water service installations, building management systems and air conditioning.

Managing Director, Eamon Mc Grattan, believes in retaining experience and knowledge within the business in order to provide a top class service to his clients. His forward thinking meant that he retained the expertise of his long standing subcontractor Fran who had undergone massive surgery and as a result could no longer perform his previously physical job.

Eamon offered to employ Fran directly as a contracts manager overseeing projects. In order for Fran to make the transition to his new role and responsibilities, they met on a number of occasions to talk through the details and possible accomodations needed. However, they soon realised that there were few adjustments needed for Fran to perform in the role and he is now a senior member of the team ensuring that projects run smoothly.