Hays Recruitment

Richard Eardley, Managing Director, Hays Recruitment believes in creating a supportive working environment. He feels “once an employee has disclosed that they have a disability, there’s nothing to be scared of, you just need to recognise the situation and communicate it to other employees because you have a duty of care to the individual and to everyone else”.

Rachel Ashe, Marketing Manager for Hays has been working with the company for 5 years and has epilepsy. Rachel had a tonic clonic seizure at work after a year with Hays and while Rachel had disclosed her condition to her direct manager, this was Richards’s first encounter with epilepsy and it was a learning experience for him and the broader team.

Initially, the business didn’t have processes in place but once they spoke with Rachel about the support that she needs and engaged medical advice they were in a position to create clear processes. Hays developed a step by step procedure, detailing what you should do if a colleague or client, has a seizure at work.

Richard explains “I’d have no concern about employing anyone with the condition and employees should not worry about that as an issue. It’s not anything to get excited about.”

From Rachel’s point of view “Hays have been instrumental in how I perceive how people with disabilities should be treated within the workplace.  Everyone here is so supportive, they are interested in how they can help and support me. It’s just so much easier to deal with when you know you have the full support of your team and management behind you.”