Employer Recruitment Options

National Learning Network provides a range of flexible training programmes and support services for people who need specialist support (job seekers, unemployed, people with an illness or disability) in 50 centres around the country.

Over 3,000 employers nationwide currently collaborate with local National Learning Network centres in providing work experience, training and learning opportunities, and full and part-time employment.  These relationships cover all types of employers - public and private, large and small.

For information on recruiting someone in your area visit National Learning Network

Employability is an employment support service available to jobseekers over the age of 18, who may have different types of disabilities such as intellectual, mental health, physical, sensory, hidden and/or medical.  

The service provides a range of free supports to employers which is delivered through their 23 offices located across Ireland.  These recruitment supports include:

  • FREE job matching and employment placement service that matches your specific recruitment needs.

  • Access to highly skilled workforce.

  • Information, support and assistance in understanding the supports available when employing a person with a disability or health issue.

  • On the job support (if required) when the person commences employment.

  • Back-up support and assistance.

  • Mentoring for both employers and employees.